Marcus Laube
European Fintech Alliance, chairman

Marcus Laube chairman

Marcus Laube is the founder and CEO of crossinx GmbH. Over the last twenty years he has been entrusted with the development of innovative B2B internet services, in particular on the subject of electronic invoices and the financial supply chain, and has successfully introduced these into the market. 

He was a member of the European Commission expert group on e-invoicing, is Co-Chair of the European association of e-invoicing providers EESPA, a founding member of the Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD), an e-invoicing forum, as well as a founding member and Co-Chair of the E-Invoice Alliance Germany (VeR) and founding member and chairman of the European Fintech Alliance. 

Wirtschaftswoche and the Financial Times have elected him one of the Top 100 e-business managers in Germany.


  • EFA activities and ongoing EU regulation (10:50 - 11:15, Plenáris terem)

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